MIM Hydraulics recently completed service work to remove and repair a large two-stage hydraulic cylinder on a ramp system on a Government Cape Ship. This job took extensive rigging and ship know-how to remove with the incident and costly fluid spills.

MIM Hydraulics transported the large cylinder to their shop, cleaned, disassembled, and performed a technical inspection of the cylinder stages, heads, pistons, bores, and mounting eyes.

MIM Hydraulics completed the repairs, passed QA testing inspection points and successfully reinstalled the large two-stage hydraulic cylinder with precise rigging, and conducted a perfectly satisfactory operational test of the cylinder and the ramp system.

MIM Hydraulics routinely completes service calls and repair work to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, pumps, valves, motors, and hose/tubing assemblies. Please call MIM Hydraulics at (843) 437-5311 or email Jkenney@mimhydraulics.com for more information and how they can help you with your hydraulic and pneumatic needs.