MIM Hydraulics engineered and installed HPU and Cylinders for New Manufactured Marine Intercoastal waterway barge for Savannah, GA based company.

MIM Hydraulics engineered and installed an 80 gallon, 30 GPM two stage Hydraulic Power Unit and Two Hydraulic Mobile cylinders to raise and lower barge ramp doors for a new manufactured Marine Intercoastal waterway barge that carries heavy equipment to islands for a company based in Savannah, Georgia.

The HPU is a L shaped 80-gallon reservoir with a two stage pump system that acts as a regeneration circuit to quickly lower the ramps when in position, also added are two Spud winches to help keep the barge in position while offloading and loading heavy equipment like Dozers, track hoes, and cranes.

The Hydraulic cylinders are long stroke, medium bore, high pressure hydraulic cylinders with 17-4 stainless steel piston rods and two-part marine grade epoxy paint.

Marine systems like these and Industrial systems as well as their installations are jobs completed with success routinely at MIM Hydraulics and Pneumatics.

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