MIM Hydraulics and Pneumatics worked another weekend outage at a lumbermill. MIM Hydraulics was called in to work on multiple hydraulic power units for preventative maintenance and repairs. MIM Hydraulics drained the tanks, cleaned the tanks with lint-free rags, and removed and replaced all return and inline pressure filters. MIM replaced hose assemblies as required, and removed and installed a new pump that had a leaking shaft seal. MIM also cleaned the outside of the hydraulic power units and cleaned all radiator fins and coils to ensure proper cooling efficiencies for the upcoming heat of the summer. Then, MIM filtered the new oil to an ISO rating of 15/13/11 to ensure these units get off to a perfect start.

All these preventative maintenance items and repairs are crucial to your hydraulic power units running smoothly and not overheating. Overheating can greatly reduce the hours your hydraulic fluid rating. Overheated hydraulic fluid can cause varnishing, which can lead to other costly repairs for your system. Preventative maintenance and on-time repairs can give you the reliability you need that will allow you to justify your return on your investment the first month by hitting production numbers and lower to no-cost repairs.

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