A local lumber mill suffered maintenance outages for an entire weekend. MIM Hydraulics worked tirelessly throughout conducting preventative maintenance on a Larger Plainer/Stacker Hydraulic Power Unit.

MIM technician work included:

  • Cleaned the HPU
  • Disassembled & resealed all valves
  • Replaced all return & pressure filters
  • Opened the hydraulic power unit reservoir tank
  • Wiped clean all containments
  • Made new manhole cover gaskets

All components on the Hydraulic Power Unit were reassembled. They were filled with new Hydraulic oil to ISO rating 18/20/14. We ran all HPU circuits and checked for leaks—all were then successfully fixed.

This preventative service on the HPU saves the client’s company over $2,000/month on hydraulic fluid. The ROI for this investment was made back in two months of operation.

October 11, 2021 News