MIM Hydraulics recently conducted service work and large cylinder repairs to a local wire manufacturing company.

MIM hydraulics was carefully selected by a local wire manufacturer to conduct repairs to their vital process testing apparatus used to test wire for conductivity. With the help of a local general contractor, MIM Hydraulics removed two large bore cylinders and transported them to their shop. The cylinders were then disassembled and inspected. Upon inspection, the cylinder rods required re-chroming and seals as well as barrel honing.

Once repairs were completed MIM Hydraulics and the general contractor reinstalled the cylinders and reassembled the machine for raising and lowering the large 10,000# cables of wire for testing in a special solution looking for grounds.

MIM Hydraulics went further on the system and drained the reservoir tank, cleaned it, replaced all filters, and remanufactured the hydraulic pump. Then MIM reinstalled the pump and added new pre-filtered oil to iso 18/16/13. The unit was then tested for proper operation, pressures, and flows.

MIM Hydraulics routinely conducts onsite customer repairs and services. Please contact us today to see how we can help keep your equipment running smoothly.

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