MIM Hydraulics recently removed two large-bore jib cylinders from a North American manufacturing crane on an NOAA ship.

The crane jib was drifting down even after replacing counter balance valves. At that point, it was evident that the jib cylinders were bypassing internally.

MIM Hydraulics removed the two large-bore crane jib cylinders, transported the cylinders back to the shop for disassembly. Upon inspection, we found the reasons that caused the cylinders to drift downward with internal bypassing of fluid.

Cylinders were then machined, repaired, resealed, reassembled, and tested. The cylinders were then transported back to NOAA ship, reinstalled and weight test conducted.

MIM Hydraulics routinely conducts repairs in this nature onboard ships and other ocean-going vessels. Call on us to help your ship maintain operational readiness!

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