MIM Hydraulics recently completed repairs to this two-stage large-bore accumulator for an injection molding company.

MIM Hydraulics routinely provides repairs services to accumulators of any size and application. Piston or Bladder MIM Hydraulics is capable of handling your needs.

This accumulator when disassembled and inspected had tremendous damage due to varnish.

Varnishing of hydraulic oil and components happens when hydraulic oil is overheated and that heat issue is not treated or rectified. It bakes all the protective additives out of the oil and the oil loses its lubrication properties. Varnishing can damage accumulator components and worse can contaminate other system components and cause system malfunctions and other costly repairs. It is imperative that these accumulators are disassembled quickly so failure analysis reports can reach the end-user so they are aware of the condition and can start to take corrective action with their hydraulic system.

These accumulators are rebuilt by machine honing barrels to remove varnish, high-speed polishing of the floating pistons to remove varnish, cleaning and wire brushing fittings, valves, and other components to remove varnish. Reassembly, torquing of the tie rods and fasteners is crucial to accumulator life as well as proper seal kit selection. These seal kits come in a variety of materials to meet different hydraulic oils and anti-heat requirements. Testing of the Nitrogen and Hydraulic sides of the accumulator are both highly important.

Contact MIM Hydraulics to schedule your next accumulator failure analysis and repair. Having the right company providing the complete service can save your company costly repairs and downtime.